An individual or family of any size needs to stock the home with a quality first aid kit. This kit includes medical and first aid essentials. These supplies can save a life.

Here are 3 reasons to consider buying your kit (especially from an online medical supplier):

1.  You or someone you know could sustain an injury at home, and there may not be enough time to run to the drug store or ask a neighbor for what you need. A simple example is a bad wound that requires immediate pressure to stop the bleeding.

2.  You might get hurt when you are home alone. In many cases, you can administer first aid to yourself. For example, if you call 911 and wait for the ambulance to arrive, you can take the advice of a 911 worker over the phone, and provide immediate relief using items in your home first aid kit.

3.  You can take this kit with you on trips away from home, including car trips and camping trips. A portable medical kit ensures you have important solutions such as alcohol wipes, bandages and tape, aspirin, acetaminophen, scissors, burn cream, and antibiotic ointment.