A Hoyer lift is a specialty medical device that securely and simply assists in transferring patients with difficulty in mobility. They run either hydraulically (manual) or electronically, and can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars or can cost several thousand dollars depending on weight capacity and brand name. A Hoyer lift, if used correctly, can be dependable tool for assisting those with mobility issues by decreasing the stress of transfer.


  • Place the Hoyer lift’s sling snuggly underneath the patient by positioning them to the flank and slipping the sling under in a horizontal manner. Then tilt them in the other direction and pull the sling through, making sure that both loops are uncovered and showing on each side.
  • It is now time to disengage the locks of the Hoyer lift wheels by using the designated handle. It is important that the Hoyer lift legs are outstretched so that the machine remains stable throughout the process
  • Make sure the legs are wide set and stable.
  • Reapply the wheel locks on the Hoyer lift so that it will be unable to move during the transfer. On a hydraulic lift, this will be done using valves that operating the hydraulic pump.
  • Connect each loop on the sling to the correctly corresponding attachments on the end of the boom. The boom can be raised or lowered using the designated pump.
  • Release the valve to lower the patient gently onto the bed.