It’s not until a patient experiences mobility issues for the first time that he or she realizes that basic self-care tasks such as using the toilet is difficult. When mobility becomes a problem, a patient’s family must consider the purchase of devices such as a potty chair that will help her stay independent.

A patient that does not want to become dependent on a self-care assistant or move into an assisted living facility needs to equip the home with the right equipment. With a good potty chair, for example, patients can maintain their independence.

The adult potty chair is a good option for people with mobility issues who might find it difficult to walk safely from the bed to the bathroom and back. An adult potty chair is usually equipped with a bucket device. A patient may use the potty bucket for both urination and bowel movements.

What is most important is keeping a patient’s sleeping area sanitized. This requires scheduling regular times each day to empty the contents of the potty bucket into the bathroom toilet and to clean the whole bucket before returning it to the potty chair next to the bedside. This ensures that the patient will not be exposed to unnecessary germs while resting.

In order to minimize the odor and smell, it is important to instruct the patient to close the lid to the potty chair when not in use.