A patient who stays in a hospital bed requires a safe way to exit the bed with the help of caregivers. That’s where the patient lift comes in handy.

Moving a patient from the bed to another position, such as to a wheelchair or potty chair, is possible using a manual patient lift or an electric patient lift.

A patient sits in a patient lift sling, and the caregiver uses a manual lever system or an electric system to move the patient-in-sling to the next chair or surface.

When caring for someone at home, you can use a patient lift, such as a hoyer lift, to avoid injuries to yourself. You don’t want to get a back injury by trying to lift all of a person’s weight by yourself.

Using a patient lift, a patient also gets to maintain some independence, not being completely dependent on others for the task of sitting on a potty chair. This type of self-care task helps a patient who spends most time not moving around independently to maintain some self esteem.

For example, a patient can use a lift system to temporarily move from the bed to an armchair and eat a meal while watching TV.