Bed Trapeze Assist out of Bed

Don't worry, we won't have you flying through the air with our collection of bed trapezes. In fact, bed trapezes are designed to assist those who deal with limited or declining physical mobility at getting in and out of bed, changing positions or rolling over. A bed trapeze is a hanging bar above the bed that gives patients something strong and durable to hold onto that gives them the leverage and swivel needed to roll, rise or lower.

Types of Bed Trapezes

A bed trapeze comes in a variety of models including ones that can be mounted from the ceiling, wall, or from a floor stand, by the top trusted brands in medical equipment like Lumex, Invcare, Drive Medical and Medline. A collection of options means the perfect fit for any particular lifestyle. A popular heavy duty option is the Lumex Bariatric Trapeze, which has the strength and durability to hold up to 600 pounds and helps the patient move safely from the bed to wheelchair or commode with minimal effort or assistance. Regain your independence and get the trapeze you’ve been dreaming of since first visiting the circus as a child… just that this one is all about safety!

One of the best advantages of a bed trapeze is the ability to regain your independence. You can now help yourself instead of always having to rely on others. Time after time patients say they would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home rather than having to move into a hospital or nursing home. Not only does the bed trapeze benefit the patients, but just as much the caregiver. Having to lift the patient puts the caregiver at risk, especially after repetitive handling.