For consumers considering the acquisition or rental of a broncho-dilating machine, it helps to understand how this machine facilitates breathing.

Patients suffering from conditions like asthma and COPD experience difficulty breathing. Their condition is relieved when a machine can dilate the air passageways, or bronchial tubes, inside their lungs.

When a patient experiences an asthma attack, for example, the smooth muscles lining the airways of the lungs will tighten. This constriction of the airways makes it harder to breathe.

A patient breathing in the medicine released from a contemporary broncho-dilating machine ensures quick access to a substance such as theophylline that will cause the smooth muscles to relax. A patient’s muscles will cease to constrict so well in the lungs, and he will be able to breathe more easily.

People with serious lung ailments may experience multiple breathing struggles each day. Therefore, their doctor may advise broncho-dilating treatments, or dispensing the medication from the machine, more than once per day.

Although medical equipment rental and sales experts, such as pulmonary technologists, can explain how to safely use a broncho-dilating machine to patients in their home, patients need to be sure they have their machines checked.

To keep a broncho-dilating machine in proper working order, it may be necessary to clean the unit and update the parts during the year.

To save money, you can ask your health insurer to pay for a broncho-dilating machine rental with a replacement policy that does not increase your monthly costs.