Many people buy their medical supplies on-line. The savings can be substantial and for those folks taking multiple medications, the savings can really add up. There are; however, few cautions one must consider before clicking that “purchase” button.

Because you can’t walk into their on-line pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist on duty, there are other ways to be 100% certain that this is a reputable company offering quality products from a genuine website.

You must find out how long the on-line store has been in business. You want to make sure they have been in business long enough to earn a reputation for their quality products and customer service.  A business that has only been selling medical supplies for a few years cannot offer this security.

The size of the inventory does matter. A smaller store may not be as reliable as ones where they have an inventory warehouse that is stocked with many products.

Find out if they will be reliable in responding to your inquires. Sending an email inquiry is a great way to see how this particular company would respond to your medical questions. If they do not answer in a timely manner, or never answer your inquiry, this is a huge red flag. A professional, reputable company will respond promptly and answer your question or direct you to where you will be sure to have your question answered.

Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to be sure they do not have any complaints or legal issues pending. Obviously, if a company has received many complaints, you do not want to be sending them money and using their products.