One aspect of elder care that you might not think about regularly is the need to check expiration dates on medical supplies. These dates are printed on product labels by manufacturers. In particular, elderly people with poor vision and people with difficulty reading can find it frustrating to perform the expiration date check on their meds and medical supplies. They may forget to replace the supplies they regularly use.

That is where family members and friends are important. The next time you plan to visit your elderly neighbor, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend, be sure to ask in a polite way if you can check expiration dates. For example, a person who buys nutritional shakes in bulk may have old shakes sitting around in the garage or pantry. Senior shakes are great for quick meals and for supplemental nutrition, but they are also subject to expiration.

Check nutritional shakes and other medical supplies, including prescription drugs, for printed dates of expiration. At the same time, you can also check a person’s refrigerator shelves and pantry for expired foods and liquids.

Help people you know, especially the elderly, to maintain their health by properly disposing of expired medical supplies. If a supply will be needed quickly, consult the patient before throwing the old supply away. Go online to order a quick replacement from an online medical supplier.