Medical mattresses are an excellent way to ensure your loved ones are safe, secure, and comfortable when resting or relaxing. Unlike traditional mattresses medical mattresses assist the body in healing and prevent additional injuries when patients are getting into and out of bed. The benefits of a medical mattress are numerous, and with so many affordable options to choose from, it’s easy to find the one that supports your loved one’s situation best.

Adjustable beds are known to reduce body stiffness, relieve back pain, and reduce swelling of the legs. Depending on the patient’s state, they also provide support for those that need to be elevated in to eat, to reduce the effects of acid reflux, or those that have trouble breathing.

Medical Air Mattresses
Medical air mattresses provide a convenient, affordable means of supporting patients that spend longer than normal amounts of time in bed along with those that are more prone to skin breakdowns. The air pressure mattress, also referred to as the alternating pressure mattress provides therapeutic treatment through its automatic inflation and deflation. It boastslow air loss and continuous therapy for its users.

Gel / Air Mattress Overlay
Air and gel mattresses provide comfort and relieve to those that are prone to have pressure sores (bedsores). These overlays attached easily to the existing mattress and are easy to clean, waterproof, and comfortable.

Bariatric Low Air Loss Mattress
Bariatric low air loss mattresses provide continuous comfort and support for larger patients. These mattresses display the benefits of alternating pressure, mattress adjustability, and quiet operation. Most are run through a control panel that allow for precise comfort levels and pressure sore prevention.

Additional Mattress accessories include:

  • air mattress overlays
  • alternating pressure pads
  • app pads
  • bed rails