An atomizer is a device used to spray liquid into a fine mist. You probably have used an atomizer on a number of occasions. Atomizers are used in almost every industry. There are several components in an atomizer. The first is the bottle which holds the liquid to be turned into a spray. A tube is designed to fit into the bottle and connect to a nozzle. When someone wants to activate the spray, they can simply squeeze the bulb or depress the top of the nozzle to create a steady flow of air across the nozzle, which pulls the liquid up the tube and through the opening which comes out as a spray by the filter covering the tip. These devices are usually used to dispense small, controlled amounts of liquid. Whether it is applying a fine spritz of perfume, misting your rose garden, applying olive oil to a cooking pan, or dispensing medication, mankind has found a handful of ways to put this simple technology to use.

When purchasing a substance that comes in an atomizer, customers may want to make sure the bottle can be refilled. Many cleaning supplies come in such bottles, as well as in bulk containers. Since spray bottles are more costly, individuals may want to refill it from a bulk container and reuse it, rather than purchasing a new bottle every time you use it. This also helps reduce waste and is environmentally friendly. In the case of medications, atomizers are usually part of a throwaway package, so that they will not become contaminated with substances which could be hazardous to patients.

DeVilbiss is the largest manufacturer of medical atomizers. DeVilbiss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of atomizers, which address the respiratory needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. Their primary product line includes ENT Professional instruments including DeVilbiss atomizers. These atomizers are very precise, as they are relied on to deliver exact amounts of medication to a patient. Medical atomizers are commonly used in asthma inhalers. One of the several atomizers most common in the industry today is the Model 15-RD Glass Atomizer with Metal Tip with Plastisol Bulb. This atomizer offers one of our most consistent sprays for viscous or aqueous solutions. The adjustable tip helps direct the fine spray precisely where needed. DeVilbiss atomizers are quality instruments that provide the benefits of spray application and when used correctly will leave you completely satisfied in both operation and service.