The good news for diabetics and other patients with special wound care needs is that a self examination mirror makes it easier to monitor a wound, such as a wound occurring on the back, side, or bottom of the foot.

A self examination mirror is a tool that you use to ensure that your wound, or perhaps a surgical site, is healing correctly. You want to check for any signs of irritation or infection. For example, a wound that is oozing a foul-smelling substance is clearly infected and in need of urgent medical attention.

Be sure to clean your mirror’s surfaces between uses. If you hold it near the wound site, it can become contaminated.

You should also be sure that your mirror has a handle long enough to enable easy use without any awkward twisting or bending when you are trying to assess your wound.

Use the mirror to check a wound at least once a day. Your physician will ask you at the next visit whether there is any change to report in the wound site. This device will help you answer the physician’s question with confidence.