Caring for another person at home requires diligence. Diligence in keeping the patient’s medications well supplied and in their proper daily compartment; making sure the patient is eating a well-balanced, healthy diet; being sure the patient is receiving proper therapy and/or exercise; and, of course, diligence in keeping the home safe.

Keeping a home well cleaned and a patient’s bathroom completely sterilized is part of keeping the home safe. The bathroom should be cleaned daily to keep the patient from getting what could be life-threatening viruses or infections.

A lot of harmful soils and fluids can be left behind if not properly disposed of and the area cleaned immediately. Cleaning the bathroom and other medical supplies with a germicide detergent will give you and your patient an added layer of protection.

These cleaners are not only for use in the bathroom. Using germicide detergent on a patient’s bed rails, the arms of wheel chairs and even shower chairs will help to strip these items of any germs and bacteria that could cause illnesses and infections.