If you are looking for a wheelchair that will withstand large amounts of weight, then a heavy duty wheelchair is what you are looking for. A heavy duty wheelchair is a wheelchair designed to support more weight and last longer than a regular chair. An average wheelchair can support roughly up to 300 pounds before the strain damages it, whereas a heavy duty wheelchair can support up to 1,000 pounds. Among the various types of wheelchairs, the heavy duty styles are also more durable against wear and tear. Many heavy duty wheelchairs are designed specifically to go on surfaces and terrains with which regular wheelchairs might have difficulty doing so. As such, use of a heavy duty wheelchair is not limited to overweight individuals. People with active lifestyle also benefit greatly from these mobile devices.

The most common type of heavy duty wheelchair is a bariatric wheelchair. These kinds of wheelchairs are designed to let larger individuals the necessary mobility to live out their daily lives. For this matter, bariatric wheelchairs typically have larger seats than the standard style. The frames for these wheelchairs can be made from several different unbreakable metals, although titanium is most commonly used. The wheels themselves are made of thicker rubber than normal, preventing any possible failure due to the greater amount of weight being supported. Most makes of heavy duty wheelchairs fold like regular wheelchairs, making storage and traveling just as convenient, despite the larger size.

Heavy duty wheelchairs have multiple purposes, rather than just for larger individuals. An off-road wheelchair, or outdoor wheelchair, is a heavy duty wheelchair designed for individuals who intend on spending a lot of time on rugged terrain. A beach wheelchair is also a heavy duty wheelchair for those who spend ample time by the sea. Progressive sports, such as wheelchair soccer and basketball, make use of a heavy duty sports wheelchair.

For convenience, a heavy duty wheelchair can either be manually or electrically operated, each with its pros and cons. A manual heavy duty wheelchair gives full control of motion to the user, but the added weight makes pushing or propelling the wheelchair much harder than simply pushing a standard sized wheelchair. An electric wheelchair offers a solution to this problem, yet is more expensive and harder to maintain. The correct choice between types of heavy duty wheelchairs depends greatly on the user’s expected level of activity, and which he/she is most comfortable with.