If you work in many medical professions, from nursing to cardiac medicine, from medical assisting to surgical technology, you may find it necessary to buy your own surgical scrubs. These garments are provided by some employers, and they are just laundered by some other employers. The important thing is that you are going to spend a lot of time wearing scrubs on the job.

You want to find surgical scrubs that fit well, that do not make you feel too hot or too cold while you are standing up for long hours on the job, and that are easy to wash and wear again.

Choosing patterned surgical scrubs can help you to feel more decoratively dressed and upbeat during a long work-shift at a hospital or medical facility. For example, medical professionals who work with young children find it is sometimes advantageous to wear scrubs with popular cartoon characters decorating them. These brightly colored images bring some comfort to the patients and provide great conversation starters.

Surgical scrubs are functional pieces of clothing. They are loose-fitting, allowing you to move about freely while performing your medical job. Be sure to consider surgical scrub pants with a drawstring—you want to keep pants fastened securely while performing your job.