Raised Toilet Seats

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1,800 adults living in nursing homes die each year from injuries sustained in falls. Thousands more fall and sustain injuries that further deteriorate their condition. Nursing homes aren't the only facilities that residents are more apt to falling in. Hospitals, retirement centers, and assisted living centers have adult residents that may suffer from a condition that restricts or limits their movement, making day-to-day activities difficult. It is very common for adults living in such communities to fall on their way to or as they're preparing to go to the bathroom.

Thankfully, there's a solution for the bathroom that can make life easier - adult toilet chairs. These chairs are essentially raised toilet seats that enhance bathroom safety and make it easier for residents to use the bathroom as well. One of the last places you'd want an elderly person to fall is the bathroom, where sinks, toilets, and floor tile can create a hard, damaging point of contact. That's why adult toilet chairs are a wise investment in such facilities, and any home or housing complex where an elderly person resides.

Here's some more information about adult toilet chairs and how they can reduce falling mishaps and enhance safety in the restroom:

  • Senior citizens and elderly people commonly have difficulty bending their knees, or may have problems with their back or muscles, making it hard and/or painful to bend over to sit on the toilet at its normal height. That's the big benefit of raised toilet seats - they can be installed right on top of an existing toilet, so there's no specialty toilet or accessory necessary to equip a unit with one.
  • Many adult toilet seats are adjustable, meaning that you can alter the height of the seat to suit the needs of your specific patient or resident. In a sense, they're customizable. This feature especially comes in handy for people who may be recovering from back surgery, as they can lower the height on the toilet chair as their recovery progresses until they're using the toilet like they did before their injury.
  • Raised adult toilet chairs allow residents to use the bathroom at their own convenience, allowing them to retain a sense of independence.
  • Secure: Most models of adult toilet chairs are built with durability in mind and also feature handles to make it easier on the patient or resident to use him or herself. If installed correctly, there's little worry that the unit won't hold up over time.
  • Affordability: A final benefit is that adult toilet chairs are affordable. Individual units can be purchased typically for under $100 and purchasing such units in bulk can ensure an even cheaper rate. At Specialty Medical Supply our raised toilet seats are under $50! It's a minimal investment to ensure greater safety and a better standard of living among the elderly and injured that will be using them.

Adult toilet chairs can make any bathroom that much more safe, giving freedom and independence back to residents and patients and peace of mind to caregivers. It's an investment worth considering in any appropriate facility.

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