Managing the medical costs of a homebound patient is difficult. Each time you have to run to the drugstore and buy something urgently, you increase the cost of medical supplies for your patient.

Plan ahead with a budget and allot a certain amount of money to each medical supply cost. For most of your supplies, it is convenient to visit an online medical supplier, especially for dry goods like mattress pads, and make all of your purchases at once.

In some cases, you can write off the money that you spend on medical supplies, even those ordered online. Just track your spending on medical supplies by saving copies of receipts when you purchase what you need from an online medical specialty store.

The tax deduction is not the only reason that you want to track your medical supply expenses. You want to be able to compare the costs of different manufacturers when you go to purchase again. Keeping track of the cost of lancets, for instance, enables you to shop around for new deals. Determine if you would really save money before switching suppliers or manufacturers or both.

The top medical supply companies will make it easy for you to buy risk-free. Although there may be regulations that prevent returning some products, you can work with a company to get what you need under their return/exchange policy.