When you think about it, many health conditions can be avoided or minimized by reducing the transmission of germs. Use good hand hygiene products, especially those purchased from an online medical supply store, to reduce the risk of infections and other problems.

Three hand hygiene products you might need to perform home caregiver tasks are as follows:

*Antimicrobial soap – For the person performing caregiver tasks such as changing wound dressings, it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before and after you wear disposable gloves. You want a good soap that will kill many of the germs on your hands.

*Moisturizing lotion – Patients and caregivers should apply this type of product to reduce the effects of dry, and perhaps chapped or scarred, hands. Some lotions are useful for skin all over the body, except for some non-external parts.

*Hand sanitizer – Caregivers and patients use this product at the bedside, before and after the use of special equipment, in the bathroom, during movement away from home, and in other situations.

Having clean hands is essential to maintaining proper health in caregivers and patients. Some products are easy to buy in small sizes that you can easily put in a waist pack, bedside cabinet or tray, or the back pocket of a wheelchair.