You cannot afford to overlook the need for oxygen supply equipment if you either run a hospital or are undertaking oxygen therapy at home. Considering that your life is dependent on this life saving gas, you need to ensure you have the most essential oxygen supplies handy at all times. While there are a number of equipments under this category, there are a few that are truly indispensible.

Oxygen mask: The oxygen mask plays an important role in transferring oxygen from the cylinder into the lungs of the person using it. There are masks designed to cover just the mouth and nose, while there are a few that cover the entire face. You can choose from rubber, plastic and silicone masks. In addition to medical purposes, these masks are also used by the aviation industry. There are special masks designed for astronauts and divers as well.

Nasal Cannula: The nasal cannula is another life saving oxygen supply equipment. It is used by patients who need help inhaling more oxygen. This equipment supplements the lungs of the person is performing the task of breathing. There are nasal cannulas specifically designed for adults and infants. The prongs of the cannulas for the infants are significantly smaller and transfer lesser amount of oxygen as compared to the ones for adults.