If you are one of millions of Americans with a condition known as LBL (light bladder leakage), it is wise to note that nutrition can plays a major role in  helping to manage the condition and allow you to get on with your day and not worry!

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day in terms of  givng your body the energy it needs, but now it has another job, too. Helping manage your LBL.

When you first wake in the morning don’t reach for that cup of coffee. It may be the best part of waking up for some, but caffeinated coffees and teas, along with citrus drinks, such as orange juice have been known to trigger leakage problems. Instead grab a large healthy glass of water. Water helps to keep your urine from becoming too concentrated. Concentrated urine can irritate the bladder. Starting the day off with a large glass of water also keeps you hydrated, can actually energize your body and is great for the skin.

Make sure you incorporate plenty of fiber into your breakfast to aid in digestion. Becoming constipated can promote incontinence. A morning breakfast, which includes plent of bran and fruit will help to reduce constipation.

If your LBL is becoming worse, talk to your doctor about other ways in which you can cope. There are specially designed liners and pads (adult diapers) made for bladder control issues to keep you out and about enjoying your life!