Recent studies have brought to light the frequency and severity of accidents that take place in the bathroom, particularly among older adults.

According to the National Safety Council, an average of 370 American sustain injuries in the bathroom or shower on a daily basis. And of the approximately 24,000 annual accident-related deaths in the US, many are bathroom-related.

Not surprisingly, groups facing the greatest risk of injury are those with the least control over their environment, specifically the elderly and young children.

Fortunately, caretakers can make concrete improvements to bathrooms to reduce the risk of injury. Floors, naturally, should be dry and carpeted to reduce the risk of slippage. Tub walls should be lower, so the elderly individual need not overtly-exert themselves getting into the tub.

Caretakers should also install shower chairs to reduce the risk of a fall, as the shower area itself can get slippery. The chairs themselves should have easy-to-grip arm handles and rubber tips on the legs to prevent slippage. Proper maintenance checks should ensure that the tips remain on the chair.