Respiratory Equipment

A suction unit removes unnecessary fluids that make it difficult to breathe. There are large, stationary units for the patient living at home with chronic respiratory problems or other illnesses, and there are the more flexible, more convenient units: a portable suction unit.

A doctor may prescribe suction, sometimes called aspiration, after performing a tracheotomy on a person who was having trouble breathing. In this procedure, a surgeon places a breathing tube in the patient’s windpipe just below the voice box. This tube allows the patient to use suction to clear mucus from his/her lungs and throat without coughing. Without suction, fluid builds up on the patient’s lungs and interferes with the natural breathing process.

Necessity of a Portable Suction Unit

Aspiration with a portable suction unit is necessary when someone:

  • Has a moist cough
  • Is unable to effectively clear secretions from throat
  • Has visible secretions
  • Is having trouble breathing
  • Has an audible gurgling noise while breathing
  • Feels (s)he cannot get enough air

During treatment, a vacuum suction pulls mucus, vomit, and liquids from a person’s mouth or artificial airway then delivers the fluid through a catheter into a bottle. Most patients require regular aspiration after they go home when returning to the hospital for treatments is just not feasible. Industrial vacuum systems in hospitals and respiratory centers are critical, but they are too big and bulky for home use.

Compact and reliable, these machines allow the patient to travel further from home and stay away longer. Portable suction units run on battery power or an external AC/DC power source. Many models can operate on battery power for 90 minutes or longer between charges. Portable suction units are a necessity even for someone who does not leave home – owning one of these machines offers an extra measure of safety during power outages.

Reliable and powerful suction is important and so is secure fluid containment. Mucus and body fluids can cause a health hazard, even with industrial vacuum systems. Portable suction units securely contain body fluids and are easy to clean.

Vacuum suction is a necessity for people with tracheotomies and other medical conditions. If this matches you or a loved one’s situation, visit our portable suction units page and shop Specialty Medical Supply’s affordable selection.