Do you think bedridden patients have to be inactive? Think again! A person who will spend a significant amount of time in bed will require more permanent solutions than a laptop desk and a food tray. An over bed table available from a medical supply company can be easily adjusted to slide over the top of almost any patient in bed.

This device can also be raised and lowered by the patient if equipped with a power feature. An over-bed table provides the opportunity to pursue many activities without getting out of bed, perfect for long spells without moving around from the bedroom.

There are many potential activities that a bedridden person can enjoy more comfortably using over bed tables. Beyond eating, think about these activities—writing, laptop use, sewing/knitting, painting, cards, handheld video games, board games, and reading.

An adjustable table also serves as a convenient place to store personal items for the patient, including floral arrangements, cosmetics, cell phones, drinks, and medicines. They are just an arm’s reach away.

When you find the right adjustable over bed table, you can put it by the bedside and just push it off to the side because of its mobile wheels when it might present a barrier to exiting the bed.