If you have a loved one who is about to be released from the hospital, day surgery center, or rehab care center, you may volunteer to provide temporary care. It is important that you stop and think about this decision before assuring the facility staff that you can meet the patient’s basic needs. Otherwise, other arrangements might be made.

People who are younger and committed to other things can find that they are unexpectedly unable to perform caregiver duties. For example, if you are not at home because you have to take an unexpected business trip or a meeting with the boss runs late, who will help your loved one change his soiled adult diaperor put fresh linens on the bed?

Find a checklist online that helps you to determine if you can perform full-time caregiver responsibilities. If you can only be a partial caregiver based on your self-evaluation, arrange a list of people who can come over to your home, such as other relatives, friends, or neighbors, and provide care in your absence.

It is your responsibility as the caregiver to ensure that your charge is well provided for. Keep the medical supplies, linens, medications, first aid kit, and safety equipment on hand so that whoever is providing care can do his or her job safely and effectively.