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Pressure Relief Surfaces – The Smart Way to Get Rid of Bed Pains

An ordinary hospital bed, whether electric or manual, is going to provide a potential source of pressure sores or bed sores for the patient who spends a lot of time in bed. While part of the treatment of a homebound patient involves moving him regularly to avoid bed sores, some special situations require a preventive approach.

For example, if a patient has a surgical incision on the back, he wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on the back area when resting in the bed. He would also want to turn from side to side throughout the day and evening to redistribute the pressure to different sides of the body.

That’s when it makes sense to purchase one or more pressure relief surfaces for the patient’s hospital bed in the home. You can apply one of these easy-to-use and cleanable surfaces, for instance, as a surface between the sheets and the hospital mattress.

As a patient lies back on the bed, the surface relieves the pressure on the back, side, or frontal part of the body, discouraging pressure from aggravating existing wounds or creating new sores  from too much pressure.

It is also important that this pressure relief surface is regularly cleaned. If you only change sheets on a bed and do not disinfect other surfaces, you leave potential sources of infection in the patient’s room, which could hurt the patient’s overall health. Don’t set up the patient for an opportunistic infection.

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