Skin pressure protection products are important medical supplies that help protect sensitive skin from painful pressure sores. Older people are more susceptible to pressure sores if they are hospitalized or reside in an assisted living facility where they sometimes can remain in their bed or chair for too long. Patients living at home are also at a similar risk. If someone is lying or sitting on the same part of the body for long periods of time, they can develop pressure sores.

A pressure sore or ulcer can form when constant pressure on a particular area of the skin obstructs the blood supply to that area and causes the cells to break down and die thus forming ulcers.

Other causes are friction over the skin, excessive skin moisture, poor nutrition or dryness of the skin. Skin infections may develop and this can be particularly painful. There are many medical supplies for the prevention of pressure sores: airbeds, a foam bed, chair protectors, continence aids and skin cream will all help aid in preventing pressure sores.

It is recommended that if you or someone you are treating has developed a pressure sore to relieve the pressure hourly. Make certain pressure from the body is not on the sore by using a pillow or wedge to help support the body and encourage different positions.