As the home caregiver, it might take some time adjusting to satisfying the hygienic needs of a patient with incontinence. For a homebound patient, such as an elderly person who has survived a stroke, suffering from incontinence is hard to bear. This is a medical limitation that challenges a person’s sense of dignity, and that person may not want your help.

In the role of caregiver, make all of the difference in the world by performing your job on a schedule, and if your patient is uncomfortable, with a minimum of dialogue. But you do need to communicate with the patient to find out which personal hygiene products are most comfortable.

Your job is easier when you trust quality names in adult underwear from your online medical supplier. You need to look for products, such as disposable briefs or washable underwear, which will keep a patient dry and clean for a few hours. When you and your patient need to get some sleep, your patient can wear nighttime underwear.

Look for name brand products to manage incontinence, such as prevail underwear, first quality briefs, kendall diapers, and mociare super briefs.

Each diaper or brief product should fit a patient well, so as not to cause irritation to the skin in sensitive areas. Some adult patients may also prefer one type of diaper or underwear over another. Choose the right type of material that feels right and minimizes complaints, especially from patients who cannot change their own pants or bed linens.