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Raised Toilet Seats for Safety and Independence

Live Independently with Raised Toilet Seats!

The fear of falling can often be paralyzing to those individuals that are accustomed to living independently. Once independent individuals may feel the need to ask for assistance when performing daily activities like walking around in familiar spaces, bathing, and using the bathroom. In many cases, adult independence and adult safety contradict each other and create the need for others to assist in the completion of personal tasks.

Raised toilet seats and handicap toilet seats provide support and independence to both bathroom users and caregivers when needed. Available in a variety of styles, these elevated toilet seats are comfortable, adjustable, self-standing or able to be attached to the existing toilet. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect seat for your patient is easy. A few of the models you can consider are:

Padded Raised Toilet Seat – The padded, raised toilet seat with locking brackets can support a patient up to 300 pounds, and attaches directly to the existing toilet. The locking brackets provide additional security and ensure that the seat stays in place even if the patient is moving around. Most models have an adjustable seat height and some also have adjustable arms / handles to assist independent patients in getting up and down.

Bariatric Raised Toilet Seats – These easy to clean medical toilet seats add more than 4 inches to the normal toilet height. Bariatric raised toilet seats are easy to install and lock into place, and provide a wider opening than standard risers.

Bedside commodes are also an option in addition to risers being put into the bathroom. Beside commode are easy to clean, convenient, and available with raised toilet seats and handles to assist both users and caregivers.

When choosing a raised toilet seat, you must think in the long term for patients. By selecting a seat that is comfortable, durable, and supportive of its users, you are guaranteed to get the most out of these products. Most come with excellent warranties, making them a real bargain to own.

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