A patient with certain medical conditions, such as mobility issues or incisions from back surgery, will benefit from the installation of a raised toilet seat in your bathroom. A higher toilet seat, especially in a commode area equipped with safety railing, makes it easier to lower oneself down to the toilet seat.

If the toilet is cushioned, a patient finds it more comfortable to sit on the toilet for longer periods of time, such as for having difficult bowel movements.

Patients who might travel can purchase a portable raised toilet seat to take with them. When they visit relatives or friends or stay in a hotel, it is easy to use the portable raised toilet seat in an unfamiliar bathroom.

Patients who suffer chronically from hemorrhoids might consider installing raised toilet seats in every bathroom in their home. Other patients might suffer pain in the hips, knees, or ankles, or other types of arthritis or soft tissue complaints. Anyone with trouble lowering himself to the sitting position to use the toilet will find a raised toilet seat advantageous.

Purchase a seat that is easy to clean and made from non-porous material. That way the patient does not have to compromise sanitation for toilet seat comfort.