There are many things to consider when caring for a loved one who is bedridden or limited in their mobility and unable to access bathroom facilities independently.  Protecting their mattress is one of the most important things you should do. There are many items that will help aid in protection of mattresses. Keeping your patient and the items they require for their care sanitary and odor free is a right that should never be compromised when someone is in your care.

Adult diapers are the first line of defense against protecting their mattress. Bed pads are the next. Reusable bed pads offer a cost effective alternative to disposable bed pads. Purchasing several reusable bed pads to have on hand will allow the mattress to remain clean and comfortable.

Reusable bed pads are waterproof and offer three layers of protection and comfort.

When using reusable bed pads in conjunction with adult diapers you are offering your patient the peace of mind they deserve each night.