Senior Safety Alarms – Protection and Peace of Mind

At times it seems that need for seniors to be independent and the need for seniors to be protected (from themselves and others) present conflicting goals for those that care for them most. Fears that arise from having a senior loved one home alone often include the fear that they may slip and fall, be taken advantage of by an outsider, or need emergency services dispatched. In all cases, the value of having a readily available senior safety alarm cannot be underestimated.

Personal alarms for the elderly are unobtrusive devices that can be worn as bracelets or pendants, or simply placed in multiple convenient locations throughout the home. There when you need them and out of the way when you don’t, personal alarms for the elderly are made to save lives, to reduce bodily damage, and to protect elderly users. Available in a variety of styles and functionalities, these patient alarms are a must have to make sure that help is always just a button push away.

Wheelchair and Patient bed alarms – Alarms for elderly patients and hospital bed alarms alert caretakers of movements that extend beyond the adjustable cord’s set area. In addition, the magnetic pull cord alarms are an excellent way to alert caregivers when a patient’s actions may cause them harm like exiting a wheelchair or bed without assistance.

Patient fall monitors and wheelchair alarms – Fall alarms and fall prevention monitors attach to both chairs and beds to alert others in the event of a fall these medical alarm monitoring systems are a must have for loved ones.