Many of us are fortunate enough to never have to consider purchasing or installing a shower chair. But others of us, who have mobility issues or problems with balance, know all to well how perilous bath time can be, and have to put more time than some would think into the consideration of shower chairs.

A plus side to purchasing a shower chair in comparison to other specialty medical supplies is that most of them are actually reasonably priced. Of course, however, there are a wide variety of shower chairs out there, each with different ranges in cost. There are generally three man categories in which shower chairs will fall under—the simple solid shower chair, the fold away and adjustable shower chair, and the installable permanent shower chair.

The order in which these chairs have been listed are a good approximation of cost: lower price to higher price. The simple construction of the generally light weight solid shower chair is relatively inexpensive, but may pose portability issues. The retractable shower chair is more maneuverable, and makes for easy modifications to your needs, but may be slightly more expensive because of the moving parts. The fixed shower chair that can be installed is easily the more commonly  high-priced choice, yet offers luxury, and perhaps even value to your home.