There are many individuals who need to be seated while taking a shower. Whether they have balance or mobility issues or are temporarily disabled. Shower chairs have always provided a great alternative to bathing but sometimes a fixed chair limits the ability to move around and grab things as needed.

Now, there are shower chairs that come with a rotating seat. Shower chairs have always been helpful in assisting individuals into and out of the shower. They provide safe seating if standing is a problem, are comfortable and easy to clean. With a swivel top that rotates 360 degrees in both directions, a shower chair now minimizes the need for a person to twist and reach while in the shower, which can be very dangerous. These swivel top shower chairs are very compact allowing for an easy fit into any shower no matter the size and they are height adjustable.

Being able to move freely in the shower, a swivel top shower chair offers a person the independence and privacy they deserve.