When you struggle with a disability, mobility is a huge issue. You want to get around and been independent, but sometimes you are afraid to take risks. The last place you want to find yourself is on the ground because you’ve fallen and there is no one to help you get up or worse, you injure yourself.

An Invacare rolling walker is the perfect solution for people with manageable mobility issues when they want to ambulate around home, in the neighborhood, and even in public spaces. A walker offers a safe place to rest; the Invacare walker is available from the manufacturer in beautiful colors like burgundy and black and includes a cushioned seat and adjustable steel construction.

When you look for a walker that rolls with wheels like this rollator, you need to ensure it has the safety features you are hoping to secure for the patient. For example, solid grip handles in able the user to maintain a steady balance, a well-built seat permits a person to rest when tiring from walking too long, and a handy basket makes it easy to transport small medical equipment or “stuff.”

With a rollator, a person is never too far from mobility and support. That is what makes a rolling walker so convenient unlike a cumbersome four-legged walker in which you have to put four tennis balls just to prevent floor scrapes.