Bathing, showering and using lavatory facilities can be challenging for the disabled, elderly, injured and those with special needs. Showering can be made easier with the use of shower chairs and handrails. Sinks can be lowered and outfitted with easy to use faucets. And using the commode can be made easier with the use of the PVC commode chair.

Being made of PVC allows the commode chair to be cleaned and disinfected without causing damage. There are many models to choose from that will fit your patient’s needs. They include, folding, reclining, pediatric and transport chairs, to name a few.

These durable commode chairs are designed with anti-slip handgrips for added security and can also be outfitted with extras to make ease-of-use and comfort a top priority.

Keeping our loved ones safe while caring for them at home is important to us. Allowing them to retain the quality of life they had, is important to them. The medical supplies that are available today that accomplish both are improving every day. It is important to do your research and find the supplies that will keep your loved one as happy, healthy and safe at home as you can.