A lot of people providing in home health care to a loved one at home, are unaware that their patient may not need to sit in a wheelchair all day.Wheelchairs can cause many problems. Skin sores or pressure sores can result from sitting or lying in one position for too long. Wheelchairs may not provide the support one needs resulting in back and neck pain. If it is at all possible for the patient, it may be in their best interest to try other sitting options, such as the Geri chair.

The Geri chair offers another alternative. Many people love the idea of being able to sit in another chair for the purposes of relaxing, reading or watching television. The Geri chair offers contoured seating which helps to reduce pressure. The Geri chair can also be set in several different positions including upright or completely reclined, which may be necessary if the patient wishes to lie down.

The Geri chair is a great option for patients to help preserve their independence and maintain the quality of life that they deserve.