shower chair works wonderfully if you are able to transfer yourself from your wheelchair into the tub or shower with minimal assistance. However, if you aren’t able to reach into the shower and support yourself, you may require a transfer bench. These benches are perfect for effortless transfers.

The transfer bench is positioned such that half of the bench is outside the shower and half is in. Transferring to the side that is outside the tub or simply not having to lift a leg (due to hip injuries) makes this a very painless process. Once seated, a person simply has to slide a little way and they are in the tub or in the shower. These benches are padded for comfort and are water resistant and have non-slip feet. There are handles for support and back rests for comfort. They are capable of supporting weights up to and over 300 lbs.

If you know someone or are someone with limited mobility this safe way of transitioning from in and out of the tub or shower eliminates the fear of falling while helping to maintain independence with caring for one's hygiene.