If you are planning on taking a trip but are concerned because you need to take certain medications, please be advised that there are certain protocols and restrictions you need to follow.

All medications need to be properly and easily identified. You need to bring them in their original containers. It may be easier to carry them in smaller, more convenient carrying cases; however, many officials will require that the labels be clearly visible and easily identifiable.

If you are under a physician’s care and it is necessary to take a controlled substance or a medication that needs to be injected, it is advisable that you also carry the prescribing physician’s note on his letterhead stationery that states clearly you are under a physician’s care and these medications are necessary. Remember that certain countries will not permit certain types of medications. You may need to contact that embassy or consulate of the company that you are visiting and clear the approval.

If you have a pre-existing condition, it is advisable that you carry not only enough medication for your planned stay, but an extra supply in the event there is a delay or your trip is prolonged for any length of time. You may also want to consider wearing an alert bracelet.

Along with the necessary medical supplies that you need to carry, you should also carry a contact card. Your contact card should have the addresses and phone numbers of a family member or close friend who is still in the US, your health care provider at home, and area hospitals and the US embassy or consulate in the country or countries in which you will be visiting. This contact card will help save valuable time in the event of an emergency.