If you are setting up a health care facility or a hospital, there is no way you can overlook the need for good hospital beds. Based on the need and the budget you have set aside for this purpose, there are a wide range of hospital beds you can choose from.

The hospital bed is very different from the beds we use at home. These beds are specifically designed keeping mind the needs of the patient. They easily allow the patient to turn and lift himself up without a lot of strain. One half of the hospital bed can be raised and lowered depending on the needs of the patient.

There are two main types of hospital beds that most people opt for – the manual beds and the electric hospital beds. The former, as the name says, has to be operated manually and hence needs a lot more effort. The latter can be moved easily without undue strain. However, the cost of the manual beds is much higher than that of the manual beds.

In addition to these two types there are other varieties like adjustable hospital beds, bariatric hospital beds, stretchers, circo-electric beds and clinitron beds that you can choose from.