When your doctor orders oxygen treatment, there are many types of machines to prescribe. You will be glad for the prescription, even with added cost, because you can breathe better. You might need a portable oxygen tank for exerting yourself, a home oxygen tank with a portable canister, an oxygen cylinder, or a portable oxygen concentrator.

If you must use oxygen regularly for a medical condition, it helps to understand that your doctor may suggest an oxygen device. It’s best not to worry if your health insurance will cover it; this will be worked out when you consult a medical supplier.

Focus most of your mental energy on learning how to use your new machine; that way you will never be without oxygen when you need it most. Also, focus on your medical supplier’s support program so if something goes wrong with your machine, you can get service as quickly as possible.

Some patients require a special type of oxygen tank as prescribed by their doctor. Both of these types are sold here on the Specialty Medical Supply website. The first type, the ‘d’ oxygen tank, is made of a lighter weight material, resulting in easier transport than you would expect for a customary steel tank. It has a capacity of 415 Liters. The second type, the ‘e’ oxygen tank, is a lightweight cylinder that holds 682 cylinders.

When you are away from home, it helps to have a portable oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank (preferably a lightweight cylinder) with you so you won’t be without oxygen treatment.