There are many practical reasons why people use exam gowns in the care of patients in the home. An exam gown usually includes convenient openings—in the front, back, or on the sides. Openings make it easier to perform lots of routine medical tasks.

As a medical patient you might benefit from one of these reasons to use an exam gown:

  • You have a surgical scar that needs to be cleaned a few times a day. If this scar is located where normal clothing would be, an exam gown makes it easier for you to provide access to the surgical scar site. Also, you won’t have to worry so much about rubbing or bumping the scar when you move your gown aside.
  • You need to wear loose-fitting clothing. An exam gown is also comfortable and well-ventilated enough for people who spend a lot of time in a hospital bed or another type of bed in the home. They will feel cooler in a gown and the cool sheets of their bed.
  • You want to perform self-care tasks. If you are partially independent, but homebound, and find yourself by yourself for much of the day, you may have to perform important self-care tasks, such as using a potty chair beside the bed. It is important to be able to do these tasks without over-exerting yourself. You don’t want to have a fall because you are trying to do too much without assistance during your recuperation.