The decision to use a Quad cane may be necessary when a traditional cane is no longer sufficient for proper support and a walker might be too cumbersome. A quad cane provides the user a larger base at the bottom of the cane and is helpful for patients who need more stability.

Follow the steps below when using a quad cane.

Step 1: Hold the quad cane in the hand opposite your injured or weaker leg. Make sure the flat side of the quad cane is closest to your body.

Step 2: Place all four legs of the quad cane on the ground when you move it forward. Your quad cane should be about one step-length ahead of you. Keep it close to your body for support and balance.

Step 3: Step forward with your weaker leg.

Step 4: Support your weight with both the quad cane and your injured leg. Step through with your stronger leg.

Step 5: Continue to repeat steps 1 through 4.


  • Do not take a step unless your quad cane is firmly on the ground.
  • Do not place your quad cane too far forward. The quad cane should be directly across from the instep of your weaker foot.
  • Do not take steps that are too big.
  • When turning, take small steps and do not pivot.
  • Check your quad cane tips regularly. Replace them when they are worn. You can buy new tips from a drug store or durable medical supply company.
  • Be careful when walking on uneven or wet surfaces.
  • Use good posture when walking.
  • Check your balance before stepping.
  • Walk at a safe pace.

University of  Pittsburgh Medical Center Information  for Patients walking with a quad cane