At Home Oxygen Supplies

Taking on the role of caregiver can be a challenge, but it's often a rewarding position to hold. While you accept the responsibilities that come with taking care of someone in need, you also earn the satisfaction of helping someone live a happy, fulfilling life despite their medical needs. If you are taking care of someone who is on oxygen, you will want to have all of the oxygen supplies they need at your disposal. High-quality, reliable oxygen supplies are crucial for your loved one's health.

Necessary Oxygen Supplies for Home Care

  • Oxygen — You should work with a medical professional in order to determine the type of oxygen that your home care patient requires. Typically, oxygen is available in three different forms: liquid oxygen, compressed oxygen and oxygen concentrator.
  • Nasal Cannula — The nasal cannula is a small plastic tube with two different prongs that fit into the patient's nostrils. These help the patients easily and comfortably breathe in the required oxygen. The nasal cannula should be fitted specifically to the individual patient, as it should fit comfortably and securely on the patient's face.
  • Oxygen Mask — An oxygen mask is usually required for patients who need a significant amount of oxygen at one time. Many home care patients wear a mask at night in order to keep them breathing safely and easily while they sleep. The oxygen mask is a plastic mask that covers the person's nose and mouth and allows them adequate access to oxygen.
  • Humidifier — Many patients need a humidifier in order to comfortably breathe in the oxygen they need. Sometimes people experience dryness in their nose and throat, and a humidifier can alleviate those symptoms. It is important to have a humidifier on hand for any patient on oxygen. They may not require it all the time, but if the need arises, easy and quick access is important.
    • Liquid oxygen is a liquid form of portable oxygen. In liquid form, oxygen can be kept in a tiny container and breathed in as necessary.
    • Compressed oxygen is one of the most common systems. In this system, oxygen is contained in a pressurized metal tank. This type of oxygen tank often remains stationary, so it is best for people who require oxygen while sitting or lying down.
    • An oxygen concentrator is a larger portable container of oxygen. This portable oxygen container is actually a machine that helps to capture oxygen from the air and store it for the patient.

As a caregiver, you must understand why your patient needs oxygen. Some people require oxygen at home because they simply have a difficult time breathing in enough oxygen, while others need it because of a chronic condition such as asthma or lung disease. Whether your patient is using oxygen at all times, or only need it during physical activities, these supplies are necessary for keeping them healthy and feeling good. Specialty Medical Supplies offers all the oxygen supplies you need in our Respiratory Equipment section. If you have any questions about any of our products, please call our professional customer service representatives.