In this post we are going to attempt to provide a brief guide for determining the correct type of wheelchair for you. It is important to understand the differences in the various types of wheelchairs, including seat-width, weight capacity, and size, among other factors. Wheelchairs are one of the few items where price shouldn’t play to big of part in determining a purchase. Of course, it is a good idea to stay within a reasonable budget that is compatible with your means, but a wheelchair is a practical investment that will act as an extension of you.

So what should you consider in your search to find the right wheelchair for you?

Manual or Motorized?: There are two distinct types of wheelchairs; manual and electric. When considering which to get, you should figure in your level of fitness and level of mobility.

Area between arms:  The space between the arms is a very significant factor when purchasing a wheelchairYou most likely won’t try before you buy when getting a wheelchair, so make sure you know the measurements to ensure that you fit.

Width of seat: The seat width can range between 14 to 30 inches, but can also be custom made for users.

Depth of seat: The comfort of the user is extremely important. You can determine a comfortable seat depth by figuring the depth of you favorite chair at home.

Height of seat: It is important to make sure the wheelchair seat isn’t too short or too high. Otherwise you may have your feet dragging on the floor or hanging uncomfortably in the air. 
Arm style: There are two different arm styles on wheelchairs; desk-arm and full-arm. The full arm is the traditional chair arm we think of on wheel chairs, while the desk arm may be removable so as to have increased maneuvering through small areas.