You might be surprised that not just elderly or disabled patients require a special bedside commode. A person who is very overweight may undergo bariatric surgery, such as a gastric bypass, and face recovery difficulties at home. If a person is extremely obese, they may already have confronted these difficulties before surgery.

A recovering patient may require help getting from the bedroom to the bathroom. Especially if a person spends time home alone, it is important to equip the sleeping area with adequate medical equipment.

If you are a patient post-bariatric surgery requiring help moving from the bed to the bathroom, you might find that a bariatric commode is a good choice. You might even look for a bariatric commode with a special elongated seat.

Remember it’s important to ensure the manufacturer has created this chair to support your old weight until you know what your new weight will be.

With a bariatric commode, which is a plastic sanitary receptacle fixed into the center of a sturdy steel-framed chair, keep your dignity and comfort at the same time. This piece of equipment might also include a towel rack and a toilet paper holder.

This kind of commode is convenient to keep by the bedside so you don’t have to make the painful walk to the bathroom every time. When you are feeling strong and needing the exercise, you can skip the commode chair and use the regular toilet.