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Specialty Medical Supply Coupons:

We know how important it is to save and be able to get the lowest price possible for your order so every month we will offer coupons on as many categories as we can, but being as cheap as we are already makes this extra hard to do but we will try our best.

How do I Earn 5% off my entire order regardless of what I am purchasing?

Getting Coupon Code

On the left hand side of your computer, tablet or mobile screen you will see a tab that says Earn 5% Off. Click on this tab and it will pop up a window box. In this box you will see a tab for Facebook, Google +, Linkedin or Tweet. All you have to do is just click on the facebook box or one of the other boxes and you will get a promo code that will appear in the box below for 5% off. You must be logged into your account for whichever tab you are going to use or the promo code will not show up. For example if you are going to facebook like us then you will need to be logged into your facebook account before the promo code will show up.  If for some reason you are not getting it to work please call us and we will help you get it figured out.

How to use a Coupon Code:

If you are purchasing a product from a category that we are running a monthly special on with a coupon code then you will simply add that product to your cart and when you get to the checkout page it will have a box that will say coupon next to it. You then will enter your coupon code into the box on the checkout page and hit apply and it will automatically adjust your order total based on the coupon discount. For example if we have a monthly coupon of 3% off all incontinence supplies then if you are ordering any product that is listed in the categories under incontience then you will be able to enter that coupon code at checkout and recieve that discount. If you are ordering a product from another category besides which category the coupon code is intended for then the coupon code will not work at checkout.

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