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Measurement Guide

Wheelchair Measuring Guide See all Wheelchairs


1 Seat Depth: The measurement from the inside of the knee to the back most part of the rear, minus approximately two inches or so to allow more roof for the patients hand when lifting their leg. The greater the seat depth the chair has the more stable it is due to the patient’s weight being spread out over a larger surface area. Users with leg discrepancy, meaning one leg is longer than the other, will use the shorter leg for this measurement. If the longer leg is not properly supported a custom seat cushion can be used to fix this by extending longer on one side.

2 Back Height:Measured from the seat base to the top of the wheelchair back. Depends on how much upper back support is needed, and also affects freedom for the upper body to rotate.

3 Seat Width: This is the widest part of the body plus an additional inch to allow for movement. Thus when viewing a wheelchair described as 16’’, 17’’, 18’’ etc. this refers to usable seat width not the overall width of the wheelchair.

4 Seat To Floor: The distance from the rear seat edge to the floor. This coupled with the front to floor measurement gives you the angle or “Dump” of the seat.

5 Footrest Width:The distance between leg rests. If your footrest doesn't give enough ground clearance there are a couple options. You can choose a footrest whose hanger angle is smaller of use the adjustments available on numerous wheelchairs to change the caster and rear wheel position. The second option will change the ground clearance but also the seat height.

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