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Bathroom Safety

One of the most difficult things about the aging process is losing the sense of independence, something that was previously taken for granted. When it comes to cleaning and taking care of other essential restroom needs, an elderly person wants to have the freedom to perform these actions without anyone's help, but this can pose a threat to their safety. With the proper bath safety equipment, both the elderly person and their caregivers can rest at ease that their safety and independence are placed at a top priority. There are many different kinds of bath safety products that you may have need of.


Bath Safety Products – Safety and Comfort are Top Priorities

Raised toilet seats are very useful for providing a higher surface for the elderly person to sit down on. These standard bath safety products attach easily to most commodes and clamp into place so they are sure to be stable. The comfortable surface is contoured and feels no different from sitting on the regular seat, except that it is raised so getting up again is easier. Some models of this bath safety equipment come with handlebars to make easing back up even less strenuous. The ability to use the restroom independently is very important to everyone, and these aids can make it possible for elderly people do to so as well.

Shower and bath chairs are needed for elderly people who cannot stand long enough to wash themselves without help. Comfort and safety are both taken into account here. Many models have a bowed seating surface to discourage slipping off the edge of the seat while washing. Rubber grip bases prevent the bath safety equipment from sliding around. The small size of seats allows them to fit easily in most baths and showers. Assembly of these bath safety products allows caregivers to effortlessly put the seat together for the use of the elderly person.

Grab bars and rails are essential bath safety products. Even if the elderly person can stand in the tub, and likewise if they cannot, they may need an aid in case they begin to lose their balance. Grab bars inside the shower allow the elderly to prevent themselves from falling. Also, holding onto a steady surface with one hand allows the individual showering to reach hard-to-reach places like their feet. Tub rails make it less effortful to ease themselves in and out of the bath. These and more bath safety equipment is available for the everyday use of the elderly from Specialty Medical Supply.

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