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Canes & Crutches

Stay mobile with Specialty Medical Supply’s wide selection of affordable canes and crutches. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Our quad canes, seat canes, walking canes, and crutches are all top of the line from the best brands, like Guardian, Invacare, Lumex, and Medline. All of our products are authentic, original equipment backed by the manufacturer’s warranties.


Walking Canes – Prime Walking Aids

There are no other kinds of mobility assistants that work in as many versatile situations as walking canes. There are many different kinds of canes that are modern versions of what have been utilized for hundreds, even thousands of years. Whether your hip, leg, knee, ankle or foot is impaired, you can gain needed assistance from one of the many kinds of canes sold by Specialty Medical Supply.

First are the standard walking canes with crook necks.  These are classic and simple, the most commonly-seen canes among those who need to utilize this walking aid.  If you have a mild injury or balance impairment, this is the ideal cane for you.  There are several varieties available.  Grip handles on lightweight cane models are great for providing balance without being heavy.  Canes with wrist straps ensure that the walking aid will not be lost if the grip slackens.  Traveling canes can collapse to be easily stored when not needed.   There are even some models that fold out into lightweight portal seats.  However, if you have a greater balancing issue, you may need a more advanced kind of cane than simply the classic crook neck canes.

Quad walking canes provide enhanced support for those who have greater balance issues.  Steel and other lightweight metals are used in the construction of these modern, durably designed walking canes.  Rubberized tips on the four bases allow for an extra wide, very stable base.  Even if someone swaying and losing their balance, if they have a quad cane in their hand, they will surely be able to regain their balance.  These walking aids are designed to be used by people with more permanent injuries that are likely to worsen with time.

Crutches are more often used by people with temporary injuries rather than age-inflicted conditions.  Still, there are forearm crutches perfect for supporting people with injured or otherwise inflicted lower extremities.  These crutches are a step above canes and one step below a wheelchair.  They can easily be removed from the arms when sitting, but with basically two walking canes, there is an added measure of support when getting around.

When it comes time for you to choose which walking cane you need, consider the function of the walking aid above its style.  Once you know what you need your walking cane to perform, then you select a style that fits your personal preferences.  With the selection offered here, you are sure to find precisely what you need.

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