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Seat Canes

Individuals suffering with certain medical conditions may avoid participating in outings that require walking for an extended length of time. These conditions include arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as those with leg, hip, and back injuries. Seat canes are designed with these individuals in mind. Whether it is just a walk through the park or a visit to the zoo, seat canes give these individuals the ability to enjoy outings once again. Specialty Medical Supply has several seat canes from which to choose with orders more than $75 receiving free shipping.

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  1. Cane Seat Adjustable Height  -  RTL10365-ADJ

    Cane Seat Adjustable Height

    Drive MedicalModel No: 10365-ADJ
    Stock Status: In Stock
    Cane Seat Provides a confortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy support cane when closed. Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing.

    Our Price: $29.95

    List Price: $60.72

    You Save 50%
  2. Cane Sling - Seat

    Cane Sling - Seat

    Drive MedicalModel No: RTL10360
    Stock Status: In Stock
    The Folding Seat Cane by Drive Medical Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy quad cane when closed. Strong aluminum bronze construction.

    Our Price: $36.95

    List Price: $65.93

    You Save 43%
  3. Portable Folding Seat Cane - MNT82102

    Portable Folding Seat Cane

    Alex Orthopedic IncModel No: MNT82102
    Stock Status: In Stock
    A sturdy, lightweight seat, that can also be used as a cane. It features foam grip handles, an attractive matte bronze finish and a comfortable fabric seat. Seat height: 22". Walking height: 34". Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

    Our Price: $41.95

    List Price: $83.00

    You Save 49%

3 Item(s)


Seat Canes Offer Greater Mobility and Independence

As we get older, we would love to think that we can get around as though we were younger, but a quick break is often needed. Seat canes offer proper seating when and where needed. This is the perfect solution for the elderly that still enjoy their long walks, but may not have the endurance to do so without a quick break.

Seat canes are practical for those who want to stay active and yet need to take a break every so often, or tire easily. Also good for those recovering from back, knee, ankle or foot injuries, this mobility device adds more flexibility and independence to the user’s daily activities. Seat Canes are quite convenient as they offer a comfortable seat as well as walking assistance. A Seat cane is a lightweight, supportive walking cane when folded up, and a comfortable, sturdy seat when opened.

A seat cane is very helpful to have around, especially when seats aren’t readily offered, such as in line as concerts, amusement parks, outdoor events, museums or shopping. The Seat Cane can be used forward or backward, with the handle in front of the user or behind. Placing the handle to the front helps the user stand up off the chair easier. The user can also sit with the handle to the back as mini-backrest. The foam-grip padded handle makes using the seat cane easy and comfortable.

The heavy-duty tripod design is contracted of sturdy aluminum, providing stability and comfort. Ranging from 1-4 pounds in various colors and finishes such as matte bronze or silver, the seat cane can hold up to 250 pounds depending on the make and model. The lightweight design makes it easy to tote around when not in use, and much easier to maneuver when in use.

Seat canes comes in two styles, adjustable or non-adjustable, the user can find a cane that best fits his or her needs. Depending on the user’s physical abilities and mobility, the oval or round seat can be on the small side but still offers handy support for a quick break. Ranging from 20-38” tall, with different heights for sitting and walking, this product is great for anyone who needs a little extra assistance.

Seat canes are a wonderful product to give back some independence and mobility to those who thought they had lost it. A two-in-one item, walking seat canes can be used for right or left-hand use. The rubber-tipped feet add extra durability to the user while getting around.

Freedom and portability are very important to anyone, but seat canes offer an extra boost. Staying mobile is imperative to a healthy lifestyle and using one daily can be quite beneficial. Easy to carry and use, this item will be a great help for those who are extremely active to those who are trying to regain movement again.

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