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Geriatric-Hip Chairs

The purpose of a Geriatric (or Geri) chair is to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the patient sitting for prolonged periods of time. This improves the quality of life for individuals because they are more comfortable. These seats are ideal for clinical settings. They are durable and easy to clean, performing a number of functions while safely accommodating the patient and their individual needs. The best part about the geriatric chairs offered from Speciality Medical Supply are the prices! Our prices cannot be beat, and with same day delivery you are sure to be satisfied!


Geri Chair – Comfort for Every Patient

Reclining Geri chairs offer a feature that is obviously not available with ordinary wheelchairs. These are basically recliners on wheels. The backs themselves recline along with raising a footrest, just like a living room recliner. The backs of these chairs are conformed with comfort and support in mind. Some models have head bolsters to take the pressure off the neck. Armrests are a must with Geri chairs to take unneeded pressure off the shoulders. Some feature trays so patients can eat with ease. Many different colors and styles are offered to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Apart from the Geri chairs themselves, you may want different kinds of accessories to make your purchase ideal for different kinds of patients. When you like a model that does not have a head bolster, but you would like this feature, you can purchase it separately along with a back support pad. When a Geri chair is not reclined, there is no footrest, so you can purchase adjustable footrests to make the recliners extremely comfortable no matter what position they are in. Activity trays are ideal for eating, reading and doing a number of tabletop activities from the comfort of the chair.

After hip surgery, sitting in a standard chair can be very painful or at the least mildly uncomfortable. For the best situation for a healing patient, hip chairs are needed. These are different from Geri chairs because they do not roll. The seat is located about 26” from the floor. This is a full 7” higher than standard seats. Post-hip surgery patients will prefer a high up high chair from a Geri chair.

Whatever kind of seating arrangement you need for your patients, you can find the perfect fit from Specialty Medical Supply, where comfort and function are taken into account in every Geri chair and hip chair design.

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